TA Plus Alkalinity Increaser (1kg)

  • An essential pool & hot tub chemical to increase the total alkalinity levels
  • Helps prevent irritation to users eyes or skin and prevents the water from damaging the pool or hot tub
  • Balanced Total Alkalinity (TA) helps control the pH levels
  • Includes easy to follow instructions for correct application
  • Suitable for use with any brand of pool or spa
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About TA Plus Alkalinity Increaser (1kg)

Low Total Alkalinity TA may cause pool or spa water to be corrosive and the pH levels difficult to maintain. ClearWater TA Plus increases total alkalinity of the hot tub water if levels drop below 80ppm (parts per million). If TA levels are too low pH levels won't be balanced and you may experience a loss of water quality and corrosion of metal elements inside the pump.

How do I use the Clearwater® TA Plus in my pool or hot tub?

- Test your water using the Clearwater® Dip Test Strips
- Measure the quantity of TA Plus granules you need
- Dissolve the TA Plus granules in a jug of warm water
- Pour the dissolved chemicals into the water near the inlets
- Leave for 4 hours and re-test the water
- TA level should be between 80 and 120 parts per million (ppm)

How much of the Clearwater® Total Alkalinity Increaser do I need in my pool or hot tub?

The amount of TA + you need depends on the volume of water. Top tip: a level teaspoon equals approximately 5g of dry TA Plus.

A pool or hot tub of 1,000 litres requires 18g to raise Total Alkalinity levels by 10ppm (parts per million)

As with all chemical products, time should be taken carefully read through instructions and warnings.

Product Weight (Kg) 1.10