Shock Dose Pack

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  • Everything you need to shock dose your hot tub
  • Includes Chlorine Granules (1kg) 50 Chlorine Dip Test Strips and Chlorine Measuring Set.

This bundle contains the following

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1 x Chlorine Granules (1kg)   + £8.33
1 x PH, Alkaline and Chlorine Dip Test Strips (50 Test Strips)   + £8.33
1 x Chemical Measuring Kit   + £8.33

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hot tub shock dose chemicals
Shock Dose Pack

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    Product details

    About Shock Dose Pack

    The ClearWater Shock Dose Pack includes your essentials for effective sanitising of your hot tub's water. Shocking your hot tub water is essential to remove any potentially harmful bacteria and reduces the need for high concentrations of chemicals afterward. 

    It is recommended to always shock your hot tub before first use and then after periods of heavy use or when there is a loss of quality of water 

    The Shock Dose Pack includes:

    Chlorine Granules 1KG:

    The rapid dissolving Clearwater® Chlorine Granules are an essential sanitiser for hot tubs and an easy way to maintain clean healthy water.

    The granules produce free active chlorine, which kills bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms. The hot tub chlorine granules are perfect for shock dosing and for maintaining healthy water. It is essential to keep your hot tub water sanitised at all times with chlorine and the ideal free chlorine reading on a test strip is between 3 and 5ppm (parts per million).

    PH, Alkaline and Chlorine Dip Test Strips, 50:

    Clearwater® Test Strips are the quick and easy way to check chemical levels in any hot tub.

    The Clearwater® Dip Tests are manufactured by the founders of dip testing in the USA and are the most accurate available on the market so you know you're getting an accurate reading every single time.

    Chemical Measuring Set:

    The ClearWater Chemical Measuring Set is a must‑have accessory for all pool and hot tub users and includes 2 measuring jugs, 1 mixing rod and 3 measuring spoons (5ml, 10ml and 50ml) for precise dosage.

    This set makes measuring out your pool and hot tub chemicals quick, easy and more accurate, reducing the expense of overdosing or the reduction in the effectiveness of underdosing.

    Accurate measurement of pool or hot tub chemicals is important to make sure you maintain the cleanliness of your water with balanced levels. By having a measuring set specifically for your pool or hot tub chemicals will ensure no cross‑contamination from other uses and also the measurements are specifically chosen for the required doses required by Clearwater chemicals.