Multifunction Chlorine Tablets (1kg)

  • Easy & convenient way of keeping pool or hot tub water clean
  • Slow-release tablets with chlorine, algaecide & clarifier
  • Designed to use in floating dispensers or the Lay-Z-Spa® ChemConnect
  • Pack includes 50 x 20g tablets
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About Multifunction Chlorine Tablets (1kg)

Clearwater® Multi-Function Chlorine Tablets are an incredibly simple way to maintain clear and hygienic pool or hot tub water. These multi-function chlorine tablets are designed for use with floating dispensers or the Lay-Z-Spa® ChemConnect. They will slowly erode over a period of 3 to 5 days, depending on the amount of water flowing over them.

The multi-function chlorine tablets are an easy and convenient way of keeping pool and hot tub water clean. As well as containing chlorine, which kills bacteria and other organisms by disinfecting water, the tablets also contain an algaecide solution that prevents the growth of algae. The chlorine tablets also contain a water clarifier. Some debris and particles that find their way into water, such as dead skin and algae, are too small to be trapped by the filter system. Clarifier contains flocculants, which bind particles together so that a filter can trap them, producing clean and sparkly water.

How do I use the Clearwater® Multi-Function Chlorine Tablets in my pool or hot tub?

- An initial chlorine shock dose with granule is required prior to using tablets
- Adjust the pH levels before adding the multi-function tablets
- Follow instructions on quantity of tablets required
- Add the tablets to a floating dispenser or Lay-Z-Spa® ChemConnect
- Check the tablets after a few days, test the water and top up as required
- Remove the dispenser when using the hot tub

As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings should be carefully read and followed.

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