Kids Inflatable Swimming Armbands

  • The inflatable armbands are designed to give children freedom in the water whilst they stay safe and secured. It will encourage children to learn how to swim in safe environment
  • Helps your child to get used to the new movements which are needed for swimming, giving learners the opportunity to practise many different types of stroke
  • Our swim aids are designed in eye-catching bright yellow colour to increase visibility for parents, features cute animal print, suitable for ages 3-6
  • Encourage your children confidence through swimming development, it will help your child to become an independent swimmer, it’s a great form of physical activity that will improve muscle strength and flexibility 
  • Thanks to arm floaties and quick and easy inflation, your kids will be in the water in no time!
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About Kids Inflatable Swimming Armbands

Designed to get kids moving and grooving and out of the house, the Swim Safe™ Step A, B, C™ Armbands Step C puts the focus back on fun! The Bestway® Swim Safe™ Support Armbands Step C are especially designed to help both boys and girls master the basics of swimming and pool safety, part of the Bestway® Swim Safe™ step by step learning range. These children's Swim Safe™ Armbands are perfect for progressing from step C, such as a swimming vest or armbands, as they allow your child to rotate their arms and practice paddling with their hands and progress to ultimately swimming on their own. These Swim Safe™ Armbands feature a double air chamber for added safety and buoyancy and are available in bright yellow with the Bestway® Swim Safe™ logo printed on them. Learning to swim has never been so safe and fun!
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