Bestway® Sustainability

At Bestway®, we take sustainability seriously. Our journey towards sustainability began in 2006, and since then we have made green initiatives and recycling processes a tangible part of our daily efforts to create a kinder future for all.

We understand that innovation is key to unlocking circular practices. That’s why we relentlessly research new ways to minimise environmental impact and maximise clean energy. We collaborate with our global partners to implement and discover the best methods to utilise green solutions for achieving a more sustainable future.

When it comes to production, we strive to be sustainably responsible by making use of renewable energy and recycling waste materials. This requires product design that considers not just how objects will be used, but also the materials they’re made of, and their disposal.

We’ve been on a mission to make all wrappings and packaging materials fully recyclable, with 94,46% of them made of paper. EPS/EPE plastics in the inner packaging are being replaced with bubble film, tissue paper and cardboard, while our polybags are made of PP/PE, which is widely recyclable

We value transparent action and recognise that continued efforts are needed to reach new milestones in environmental sustainability and resource conservation. Our focus continues to be on five key areas: energy, solar, waste, packaging and biodiversity & plantation in order to play our part in creating a safer environment for everyone to inhabit.

Bestway Sustainability


  • Goal: Reduce energy consumption by 5% in 2025
  • 6 year participation in the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)
  • Awarded "China 2020 Influence Award on Climate Change" by CDP


  • Goal: 10% solar energy by 2025
  • Currently generating 2.7% of energy from solar
  • 17,000 sq ft of solar panels equal to 12 football fields


  • Goal: Reuse or recycle 100% of solid production waste by 2025
  • Currently, 99.7% of production waste is reused or recycled
  • Waste is divided into 38 recycling categories


  • Goal: All plastic packaging changed to recycled/recyclable plastics by 2023
  • Bestway boxes are 100% recyclable and use 90% post-consumer recycled material


  • 6 agroforestry projects with over 1,500 trees planted in Africa and South America
  • 481,000Kg of CO2 absorbed by 234 trees planted on factory sites.
  • Urban beehive project with 5 beehives adopted to house 30,000 - 40,000 bees in each
Bestway Sustainability UK

We have been continually recognised and awarded as leading suppliers for corporate action on climate change. For the last five years, we have received top scores and recognition for our energy use practices and we are proud to share that our environmental efforts have been widely recognised through an array of awards:

• Selected to share Sustainability video in Walmart COP26 exhibition booth, November 2021
• Awarded “Influence Award on Climate Impact” in 2020 by CDP
• Awarded “China 2019 Top Performing Suppliers on Climate Action” by CDP
• Awarded “2018 Influence Award on Climate Change Mitigation in China” from CDP
• 4th Highest CDP ranking among all participating Chinese suppliers for 2018 results
• Awarded “2017 Leading Supplier for Corporate Action on Climate Change in China” by CDP

Our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals motivates us to take positive action. We are a member of a GC3 workgroup that place a focus on the reduction of Plasticizers in collaboration with other major retailers and industry players.

We voluntarily participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) which measures the energy use and efficiency of our six factories, and in recent years we have implemented seven energy-saving projects aimed at reducing consumption and increasing efficiency.

We’re determined to contribute towards a sustainable planet for everyone to inhabit; so you can enjoy the products you love with the peace of mind that they help safeguard our environment.