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Pool liner troubleshooting

If you are experiencing any of the below with your pool liner we recommend running through the relevant troubleshooting steps:

Pool liner is punctured

Please note: Punctures are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

To locate a puncture on a pool liner we recommend applying diluted washing up liquid from a spray bottle to the surface of the entire liner and around the inflation valve. Bubbles will appear where the puncture is located.

To fix a puncture you will require a repair kit. We would suggest using a waterproof repair patch or epoxy vinyl glue.

Pool liner is leaking

A pool liner could be leaking for several different reasons. Let us run through the troubleshooting steps to resolve this for you as soon as possible.

The first thing to check if you suspect the liner is losing water is to monitor the water level by filling it to the maximum line and gauging how quickly it drops. 

Step 1: Check if pool is placed on uneven ground

Make sure the pool is setup on level ground surface so the pressure from the water is equal throughout the pool liner. Also, check for any debris or sharp objects which could cause harm.

Step 2: Check drainage plug or filter pump connection:

There could be an issue with the drainage plug causing the leak. If this is the case we recommend contacting the Customer Care team below.

If the pool has a filter pump we suggest checking the hose connections to make sure they are sealed correctly.

Step 3: Check for a split seam:

If the seam has come part, this can be difficult to fix with repair patches. If you are still within the warranty period, please contact the Customer Care team below to process a warranty claim.

Pool liner is bulging (Fast Set pools only)

If you can see your fast set pool liner has started developing a bulge, we recommend deflating the pool slightly. Please be aware that changes in the ambient air temperature outside will cause the air inside the liner to expand or contract. On hot, summer days we would suggest deflating the pool ring slightly. On colder, winter days you may notice the liner looks a little soft and needs some more air.

Pool liner discolouration/ fading

Products such as washing detergent, moisturiser, deodorant, make-up, sun lotion or fake tan can cause discolouration. We would suggest showering before using the pool to avoid this. If the problem does occur you can use washing up liquid, stain remover or miracle pads to remove stains or marks.

We would not advise that the pool is left in direct sunlight. We would suggest setting the pool up in a shaded spot or using a gazebo or canopy to help protect the pool.

The pool liners have been tested for discolouration due to chemicals. We suggest that the pool is dip tested with the ClearWater test strips daily to check chemical levels.

Signs of mould on pool liner

Mould can occur if the pool is not completely dry when folded or put away. Humidity and dampness can cause mould to grow due to stagnant water.

By keeping the water treated with the correct chemical levels, drying the pool liner completely when it is packed away and maintaining the pool in a clean state when in use you should avoid issues such as this. However, should this problem arise, we would advise to use a solution of water and washing up liquid or stain remover to remove the mould.

If you need any further assistance please contact our Customer Care team below.